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About Steve Toepp


Steve launched his photography career by apprenticing and working for other studios. He also gained his experience from taking on freelance projects. In a competitive field of start-up photographers, Steve is a rare breed with an actual degree in photography. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography at the prestigious Columbia College in Chicago where he learned the invaluable fundamentals of analog photography. As the digital generation emerged, Steve returned to education to pursue a degree in digital media in 2007. His recent degree with a concentration in film and video allowed Steve to expand Midwest Photographics' services and to continue to stay on the front line of the industry.

Steve has now had 30 years with his photography business and has shot more than 700 weddings. Although his deeply rooted experience is arguably one of his best assets, Steve's desire to learn and pursue the latest innovations in the industry are what have grown Midwest Photographics into a successful multimedia business. 

About Midwest Photographics

Midwest Photographics was founded by Steve Toepp in 1985, which is also when his studio opened. While analog photography was Steve's strength, in 2005, he remodeled the Midwest Photographics business plan to become a full-service multimedia, digital content studio. His business offers a comprehensive series of services that is personalized for both your photography and multimedia needs.

Midwest Photographics is founded on the principle that skills and proper technique provide an essential foundation for creativity to build upon. Acquired skills such as proper lighting, timing, correct camera placement, and unique composition are indispensable techniques that are every bit as important as the creativity aspect of photography. Steve relies on his learned skills and experience during shoots, but enjoys the creative side throughout the post-production process where creative digital enhancements can be made.

When you choose Midwest Photographics, Steve will become your behind-the-scenes partner in the visionary stage, during the shoot, and throughout the entire editing process. 

Steve Toepp's Specialties

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Product & Branding Photography & Videography

  • Creating visuals for corporate identity and branding
  • Using visuals to convey product use and appeal through tutorials and presentation media
  • Utilizing photos and video to create marketing materials
  • On location or in studio
  • Pre- and post-production services (including Photoshop, nonlinear editing, and motion graphics)
  • Expert lighting and audio techniques
  • Complete high-definition video work flow

In-Studio & On-Location Portraits

  • Engagement photos
  • Senior photos
  • Family photos
  • Maternity photos

Architectural Photography

  • Honored on the Basilica's list of preferred photographers
  • Served and delivered hundreds of media assignments for the University of Notre Dame

Special Event Photography

  • Weddings
  • Celebrations
  • Corporate Events
  • Includes post-production album

Superior Editing Skills

  • Advanced Photoshop experience
  • Compositing
  • Video editing skills


West Grove Media & Design
Bayer Health

Special Art Shows

Lerner Performing Arts Center Permanent Collection, Elkhart, Indiana in 2011

Midwest Museum of American Art, 32nd Juried Regional, Winner of the Mary Feddersen Memorial Purchase Award for Photography in 2010

Spencer Gallery, Mishawaka, IN “70 print exhibition” One person show. 2009

The School of Fine Arts & Design Gallery, South Bend, IN “Photographic Process Prints” 2009

Studio Arts Center, South Bend, IN “Rehash” three person show. 2006.

Gallery East, Mishawaka, IN “A Sense of Place” two person show. 1993

Hockin Gallery, Chicago, IL “Columbia College Alumni Show” 1991

Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhart, IN “Regional Juried Biannual Exhibition” 1990

Colfax Cultural Center, South Bend, IN “Art and Social Justice” 1986 & 1989

Riley School of Fine Art, University of Notre Dame 1988

South Bend Museum of Art, “Regional Biannual Exhibition” 1984 & 1995

South Bend Museum of Art, “Somewhere There” 2013-2014